A group of six trustees and volunteer clinicians visited Uganda in February, the first time this has been possible since September 2019. It was a trip full of challenges and surprises, but it was a joy to see old friends and colleagues again, and be able to share news first hand. Some of the hospitals […]

World Mental Health Day at Lubaga Hospital, Kampala.

Lubaga Hospital in Kampala is a large busy hospital.  They are working hard to develop a mental health service.  They have had a visiting psychiatrist for some years, but they have become aware that there is a wider need for mental health care which they are not yet meeting.  The hospital has already run two mhGAP courses […]

The boy in the drain.

For many charities, the pandemic has brought huge challenges. We at Jamie’s Fund are so grateful that the way we work means that training and service development in Uganda continues to make progress even though we have not been able to visit. And happily, we are hearing of wonderful results in some of the church […]

Getting the message out

Our latest programme in Jamie’s Fund is called Community Leaders’ Sensitisation.  This is bringing those who are seen as leaders together in a group of about 30 for a day to raise their awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and epilepsy.   We developed the material to be used based on World Health Organisation programmes. […]

Developing mental health care at Lubaga Hospital in Kampala.

Lubaga hospital is one of the largest private-not-for-profit hospitals in Kampala. It is a busy general hospital in the centre of Uganda’s capital city. Lubaga also have outreach clinics in some of the poorer parts of the city. They are working toward becoming a regional referral hospital and so they are looking to increase the […]