TV programme on the challenges for mental health care in Uganda

One of our partners in Uganda sent me a link to this 10-minute video on Youtube. Mental illness in Uganda: millions abandoned without diagnosis, drugs or support. It was shown on Channel 4. I have just watched it and it describes all too clearly how difficult it is for people to access mental health care in […]

Mukono Hospital staff are running community clinics

Mukono is about 30 miles west of the centre of Kampala and is more or less a suburb.  The Church of Uganda hospital is a busy hospital providing care to the town.  During the pandemic times were hard, with everyone having less money and avoiding coming to hospital if they could, which reduced the hospitals income. The […]

World Mental Health Day. 10th October 2022

World Mental Health Day this year is celebrated on the 10th of October. The theme is ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’. At least one in eight of us around the world is affected by mental health issues, and in some countries it will be many more than that.  In recent years we […]

The impact of Covid & lockdowns on young people.

As the world woke up to the threat of Covid in early 2020, many countries closed their borders and locked down, in an effort to protect their citizens. Uganda was one of them. The economic impact of very hard lockdowns was much worse for the poorest of that country, than the effects of the virus […]


A group of six trustees and volunteer clinicians visited Uganda in February, the first time this has been possible since September 2019. It was a trip full of challenges and surprises, but it was a joy to see old friends and colleagues again, and be able to share news first hand. Some of the hospitals […]