1. A Ugandan District mental health care plan.

This paper describes a model of mental health care provision being tried by the Ministry of Health in Uganda. click here

2. Decentralising mental health care in a district in Rwanda

A paper from Rwanda describing how decentralising mental health care from the hospital to health centres increase accessibility.    Click  here

3. Mental Health for Sustainable Development.

This report was launched by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Health and APPG on Mental Health in November 2014 .

The review was Chaired by Lord Nigel Crisp and James Morris MP, with an aim to assess why and how the UK should act to help improve mental health in low and middle income countries. Dr Maureen Wilkinson, who you will know as an Advisor to Jamie’s Fund, attended Parliament and was involved in the evidence sessions.

Three quarters of people with mental health problems live in low and middle income countries and receive little or no evidence-based treatment.

This report sets out three important arguments why mental health matters globally and why development activity will not be truly successful without tackling mental health issues and sets out four clear recommendations for ‘doing more’ and ‘doing differently. To view the report please click here.

Our Aim

To help people whose lives are affected by mental health conditions in Uganda.