The Launch of Jamie’s Fund

28th Sept. 2013
Halkyn, Flintshire

It was a lovely sunny autumn day and over 60 people abseiled down St. Mary’s church steeple.

The team from Rock & Ice who organised the abseil, were reassuring and encouraging, helping everyone find the courage to step over the parapet and slide down the rope. Hugh, the vicar, was first down, and made it look easy. Some did it with panache, bounding down rapidly, others more slowly and cautiously.

Most people came away with a broad grin and saying “it was fantastic, awesome, brilliant.” A few people found it harder and more anxiety provoking, so were quieter, and yet they had faced their fears and succeeded. Several saying how they never would have done so if they hadn’t been inspired by Jamie’s story and the work in Kisiizi.

Over the wall from the church there was a buzz around the stalls. David and Alison Odger did a good trade with their excellent barbequed food. The jam and cake stall did a roaring trade and the Bric-a-brac did well. Lots of people tried their luck with different games such tombola, the coconut shy, and roll a coin.

Children were racing around with painted faces and glittering “tattoos” and enjoying the bouncy castle. But most of the time the focus of attention was upwards, as we all watched these brave people come down the tower. It was great to have a group of student nurses from Chester University, some of whom had worked hard to get sponsorship from friends and family.

So far we have raised over £3000 and there is more sponsorship money to be collected.

Saturday evening
In the evening we were welcome to the Bluebell Pub in Halkyn. There was much to talk about as we reflected on a great day, and lots of laughter. A traditional pub quiz was followed by Helen’s delicious chicken stew (with veggie alternative) with red cabbage and crusty bread. A fitting finale to time spent remembering Jamie, having good fun, and enjoying each other’s company as we raised money for a great cause.

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Rev Hugh Burgess leads the way…

DSC_0149 DSC_0243 DSC_0499 DSC_0642

Students from University of Chester…


3 replies
  1. Netta Rowlands
    Netta Rowlands says:

    It was a truly inspiring day. the cake stall was the best I’ve ever seen and there were some smashing books. the kiddies games were very good, gave me some ideas!!
    Thanks to Jim for the super steps, where are you storing them for next time? Don’t suppose they are for sale!! no you will I guess be unscrewing them as they would be too heavy to move in one piece, silly me!!
    The harvest decorations were really beautiful, thanks to all the ladies who decorated the church for the very good service led by Hugh on Sunday. Sorry I missed the Blue Bell but I had spent more than enough in the morning.
    Forgot to mention the colourful bags, they were lovely and I was honoured to buy, without knowing, bag and wallet made by the sister who talked to us at the wonderful evening we had in Rhosesmor earlier in the year, bringing the hospital in Kisiisi alive. Every blessing to everyone who made Sat so special in Jamie’s memory.

  2. Pat & Bill Greig
    Pat & Bill Greig says:

    Wonderful day Avril & Jim, the early get up and drive from Stockport was well worth the effort but you know we would have done it had it been twice as far. The atmosphere was great, in fact you could almost grasp the sense of commitment friendship and love with your hands. Bill and I were sorry we could not stay for the meal. Jamie will always have a special place in our hearts, his beautiful face a constant reminder in the many photos we have. We wish you every success in all you want to acheive.

  3. Lisa Lloyd
    Lisa Lloyd says:

    We were so delighted to be taking part in this special day in memory of Jamie, I loved the experience of abseiling. NOT!! but would not hesitate in repeating the experience for such a wonderful cause. We also had a great time in the evening…. Nick is looking forward to his diving and we look forward to helping you with future events. xxx


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