Jamie’s Fund has been pleased to be able to sponsor a second mhGAP ToT course at Butabika in Uganda. This was in response to the desire of the many hospitals and health centres visited in September to grow their ability to deliver mental health care.

The course was held over 5 days, 17 th to 21 st February 2020, at Butabika National Referral Hospital. This is where most of the training for mental health staff takes place. Sixteen health staff from nine PNFP (Private Not for Profit) hospitals participated. Many were part of the more recently contacted Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB), and one from the Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). The course was led by senior Butabika teaching staff: a psychiatrist, 2 clinical psychologists, a principal tutor at the PCO School, supported by a community psychologist.



The knowledge of the trainees was tested before and after the course, and their informal feedback was also positive and enthusiastic. Jamie’s Fund will support them to cascade the mhGAP training to staff in their own hospitals over the coming months. We know from previous experience that this will lead to improved ability to identify and treat mental ill health in their communities.

(mhGAP is a World Health Organisation (WHO ) programme to train non-specialist staff to identify and treat the more common presentations of mental ill health)



Linda Shuttleworth 15.03.2020.