Ruth’s Story


Ruth – who had just completed a night shift at Butabika and travelled for 4 hours to meet us

To mark International Women’s Day here is Ruth’s story. She is one of many committed
nurses working in rural areas in Uganda, with limited resources and doing the best they can.
Ruth Nanteza is an enrolled nurse at Rushere Community Hospital. The hospital is in rural
south west Uganda and is an hour’s drive from any other hospital. Ruth is the only member
of staff who has any specialised mental health training, and so she is the one her colleagues
turn to when their patients are mentally distressed.
This can mean that she is the person called to the General Ward to talk with someone who
has tried to take his own life by swallowing cattle pesticides. Ruth does her best to
understand what has brought him to this desperate action and to help him to realise that
there are other solutions to his problems. She will also make a follow up appointment after
he is discharged. Sometimes quite simple things like having an appointment can make the
difference in keeping someone alive.
Ruth is also asked to help when patients on the general or maternity wards are recognised
as having depression, or mental ill health associated with HIV/AIDS. Sometimes she is asked
by the police or the courts to decide whether someone has the mental capacity to stand
trial; this can include for very serious and capital offences, which is a heavy responsibility to
Ruth usually holds regular mental health Out Patient clinics in the hospital. At the moment,
however, she is being supported by the hospital to undertake further training at the
Butabika Government Psychiatric Hospital near Kampala. This takes 2 years of studying. This
will enable her to qualify as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, and return to Rushere with
more skills and knowledge.
Not that she has ever really gone away. In every break in her training, she returns to
Rushere to work at the hospital. Not only that, but on the day we visited, she came off a
night shift at Butabika and made a 3 to 4 hour bus journey, especially to meet with us. Now
that’s commitment!