The contractors started on the 25th of January and their first challenge was to put in an access road so that the site traffic didn’t have to pass between the hospital buildings. This involved building a 200m track from the main road into the back of the hospital. Once the building is complete it will be of use to the hospital at times to bring in materials

Materials are delivered by truck and have to be unloaded by hand as labour is cheaper than buying the machinery to load and unload pallets etc. Similarly, cement is mixed by shovel, rather than having a cement mixer.

Since then they have cleared the site and started digging the foundations. Unfortunately the ground is softer than anticipated which limits where the building can be put and how we can position the building. The foundations will have to be more robust to cope with the soft soil, which will push up the cost.

On the 6th of February there was a ground breaking ceremony. Sister Nancy the leader of the mental health service “broke the ground” and there were some speeches, including remembering Jamie who has been the inspiration behind this project.

The work has been continuing with all the foundations being dug and cement starting to be put in and then the brickwork starting to be laid.

Lunch is cooked on site in the open air, for the workers so they have a good meal and don’t have to go off site to try and find some food.