Kagando Hospital

Kagando Hospital doesn’t have the facilities to admit patients with mental illness unless it is unavoidable.  They are therefore beginning to develop a model where patients are looked after at home as far as possible.  This has the advantage that relatives and neighbours can see the recovery taking place, which can be reassuring to them.  They have two staff members trained in psychiatry who they are planning to use to change the services offered.

We are in the process of developing a project with Kagando Hospital in which they will increase the access to mental health services as part of the health care offered through the diocesan health centres and train more of the staff at various levels, so it is easier for patients and relatives to see a member of staff who is familiar with mental illness.

Jamie’s Fund is supporting the cost of releasing staff time for mental health work and the cost of transport out to the health centres.

Our Aim

To help all people whose lives are affected by mental health conditions in Uganda.