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Kisiizi Hospital Mental Health Centre

Following a very generous donation we have made a significant leap forward in our fundraising.  Recent discussions with Kisiizi Hospital mean that we expect building of the new Mental Health Unit to begin in the near future.  Watch this space!


Do you shop on the internet? If the answer is “Yes” then, for no extra cost or effort to you, it’s possible to raise additional funds for Jamie’s Fund as you shop.  Simply register at Easyfunding.org.uk and install the browser tool.  As you go to each retailer Easyfunding identifies the percentage of your purchase that the retailer is prepared to donate and this is transferred automatically to Jamie’s Fund. The donation from the retailer is generally between 0.75% and 5%.

By the end of January, 2015 we have already raised nearly £90 through this route – and remember, it doesn’t cost YOU a penny!

Sign up here and look for Jamie’s Fund to start contributing more!

``Uganda: My Mad World`` - BBC Radio Programme

_81139039_josephatukundaOn Saturday 21st February the BBC News Channel broadcast a documentary about mental health care in Uganda. It follows the story of Joseph who has bi polar, and his struggle to get appropriate treatment and support for his illness. It is an interesting programme and shows how the lives of people with mental ill health can be improved with the right support and care. The programme can be accessed via the following link.


There is also a very interesting article which can be accessed here

Mission Accomplished!

Congratulations to Ewan, Bosco and Isaac on their marathon cycle ride through Uganda and Rwanda !
(and it’s still not too late to donate!)
Loading the boat

Loading the boat

We set off from the guest house in Entebbe, Uganda in the cool of the morning and dropped down to the shores of Lake Victoria. Our bikes were loaded into a small boat and we puttered across the bay. We reassembled the bikes and panniers and set off down the dirt road on our journey to Kigali.

There were three of us, me from UK and two Ugandan friends.  Bosco, a driver and Isaac, a computer science student and SCUBA instructor.

Bosco and Isaac

Avoiding the busiest, dangerous roads and using a
mixture of dirt and tar roads we wove our way south west across Uganda. Some of the dirt roads were hard going, rough with loose grit on top and with the occasionally steep hill. But we saw so much of rural life, away from tourist routes. Countless children were excited to see a “mzungu”, a white person, cycle past.  We could hear the birdsong and identify a number of the calls.

Most of the tar roads were good, many with a meter wide shoulder for cyclists and pedestrians, making us feel Cycling4safer from the occasional bus roaring past.
A rest day with some bike maintenance then we headed out on the last lap. First a gradual climb up a valley leading to a stiff climb at the head to get over the ridge. On to the Rwandan border and then a steady climb of three thousand feet to reach our resting place.


Bicycles are versatile!

Bicycles are versatile!

We relished a glorious twenty mile descent the next morning, with views over the valleys at first and then becoming more restricted as we got lower. There were a number of men on bikes with 40 litres of milk on the carrier heading to Kigali. We kept pace with some of them for a while, they were faster on the descents than we were, with their greater weight, and we would overtake on the more level bits, where our gearing made the difference.

Cycling2And then we turned a corner and there was a group of multi-storey buildings on a hill top in the distance. Kigali, our destination. Eight miles later we were there and we celebrated with a banana split, as nothing like that had been available en route.
403 miles, no punctures, no hassles or security problems and a chance to see rural Africa in a way that allows genuine contact.

Let's support Bosco and Ewans' Ugandan Cycling Safari

Five hundred miles across central Africa.                                                              DONATE HERE

 “It’s dangerous”, “You must be mad!”, ” I’ll sponsor you not to go” – some reactions to our plan to cycle from Entebbe to Kigali in July to raise money for Jamie’s Fund.

IMG_2270Cyclists are the lowest form of wheeled life in Uganda and are just expected to get out of the way of traffic, so we have to choose our route with care. We will cycle southwest from Kampala avoiding the main, busy and dangerous roads. This means we will be on dirt roads for about a third of the distance.

The first three hundred miles are across undulating countryside, but once we get near Rwanda we have to cross the Virunga mountains, and northern Rwanda is mountainous, so that will be hard cycling.

There are two of us. Ewan Wilkinson works in Public Health; he has lived in different parts of Africa and is an experienced cyclist.   Bosco Ringtho is a Ugandan minibus driver, who knows the country well and has done some cycling, but nothing on this scale.

We both need to train for it.  Bosco has only just got a suitable mountain bike and we will be building up the miles with local cycling and some long trips.IMG_0148

It should be fairly dry at that time of year. Temperatures are around 25 to 30 degrees.  Fortunately bottled water is widely available.  We aim to cycle 50 to 70 miles a day.

We will each carry our own kit and spares on our bikes and we will buy food as we go.  We will stay in whatever local hotels we can find.

We have no back up vehicle, so we are dependent on what we can find en route.

It would be a great encouragement if you would be willing to sponsor us.  £10 would be appreciated and £40 would be brilliant.   The easiest way is on line – click here 

The money raised will be used to support mental health care in southwest Uganda around Kisiizi hospital where the university has well established links. We are building a new mental health centre and community services are developing with the enthusiastic support of the local Patients’ Association.


Chester MarathonTeam Jamie, Jamie’s Mum and Dad, Jim and Avril i their team, Dev, Mark (Jamie’s uncles), Rachael (Jamie’s cousin), Ros, Richard and Sheena successfully completed their run around the beautiful city of Chester.  Thanks to all who supported Team Jamie and congratulations to all the runners.

It’s not too late to sponsor them and you can click Here to get to their special donations page.

Team Jamie aim have a target to raise £1000 so lets give them some help and see if we can’t smash the target!

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Mental Health for Sustainable Development -

A new report has recently been published – See more on the Latest News page


1410_BBCap_Red2 (640x427)You can now buy an exciting range of merchandise in support of Jamie’s Fund.  Initially we are offering a number of items of clothing as well as wrist-bands, some very special jewellery and, of course, the famous and much-in-demand “Cooking With Panache” recipe book – All in time for Christmas.

Cooking With Panache

If there are other items that you’d like to see in Jamie’s Shop then please contact us and let us know.

1410_Red_Hood2Thank you for your continued support – and don’t forget that you can donate at any time simply by connecting through the DONATE NOW button at the bottom of the page!

The Jamie Devaney Memorial Fund is a UK based charity supporting mental health care in Uganda. Join us!

The Fund is committed to working with mental health practitioners in Uganda in order to improve facilities and education as well as to provide assistance and resources to improve patient services. We hope that you will take time to look around the site and to connect to some of the links to other organisations involved in mental health work.

Our Aim:

To help all people whose lives are affected by mental health conditions in Uganda.


Help us to fundraise by recycling old mobile phones and used inkjet cartridges*. Just click on the Recycle4Charity link below and register with them. By clicking on the link you will automatically register to support Jamie’s Fund. You can then order your freepost envelopes to send off any old mobiles and inkjet cartridges, helping to protect the environment and raise vital funds for Jamie’s Fund!

(*only applies to some inkjet cartridges, please check Recycle4Charity website for further details)


We are building and equipping a new mental health unit with Kisiizi hospital. Help us to raise the money. We can help you organise an event, or you can donate now.


We are planning to organise training for nurses and doctors at Kisiizi and Bwindi hospitals to raise their knowledge of mental illness.


Staff exchange between Kisiizi Hospital and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust enriches experience at both ends and will require funding.


Find out more about the projects we’re working on and how they will benefit the people in and around them.

Latest News

Read all about our latest news with reports from our CEO, board members and associates in Uganda.


Help us to fundraise by recycling old mobile phones and used inkjet cartridges*. Just click on the Recycle4Charity image above and register with them. By clicking on the link you will automatically register to support Jamie’s Fund. You can then order your freepost envelopes to send off any old mobiles and inkjet cartridges, helping to protect the environment and raise vital funds for Jamie’s Fund!

(* only applies to some inkjet cartridges, please check Recycle4Charity website for further details)


Easyfundraising is a great way to raise money for Jamie's Fund. Shop online with over 2,700 retailers and a percentage of what you spend is donated to Jamie's Fund at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco and many more.

So if you want to buy a pair of shoes at John Lewis, instead of going directly to John Lewis’ website, log onto Easyfundraising and then click through to John Lewis to make your purchase. The price will be exactly the same had you gone straight to their website and a percentage of the purchase price will be donated to Jamie’s Fund.

Please register to support us today.