A Happy New Year to One and All

Welcome to Jamie's Fund. We start the year with the news that we have already raised over £49,000 already towards the new Mental Health Unit at Kisiizi. It would be wonderful to hit our initial target of £120,000 well before the end of this year. Just hit the DONATE button to help us get there!

Cooking With Panache

This new cookbook has been launched to raise funds for mental health in Uganda and in the UK. Click on the box above to find out more ...

Jamie's Fund Launched!

A Charity Abseil (60 feet) from the tower of St Mary’s Church, Halkyn. September 28th, 2013...

Jamie's Fund

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Welcome to the home of
the Jamie Devaney Memorial Fund.




Above: Some patients that have yet to receive help may be forced to wear shackles by those in their community. The current, dilapidated mental health ward and another patient are also shown.

The Fund is committed to working with mental health practitioners in Uganda in order to improve facilities and education as well as to provide assistance and resources to improve patient services.

We hope that you will take time to look around the site and to connect to some of the links to other organisations involved in mental health work.

About Jamie

Our Aims

To relieve suffering from mental health conditions in Uganda irrespective of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age or gender.

The Fund will do this both by supporting individuals and by developing mental health services through collaboration and the provision of facilities, equipment, staff training and other services with an initial focus on Kisiizi Hospital.

Registered Charity Number: 1151236

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